Professional Plumbing Systems And Maintenance

We offer plumbing installation and maintenance for both domestic and commercial buildings. From start to finish, our project managers will assess your building, offer you options, perform all procurement, installation, and oversee maintenance.













New Builds

If you’re building we can oversee integrative plumbing solutions that are modern and fit for purpose. Choose Advantage Ltd. for the best results on your custom plumbing system design. 

Plumbing Maintenance

We also offer regular maintenance solutions for common plumbing problems, such as clogs, leaks, and pressure issues. Our trained and qualified plumbers can work in any environment and get the job done quickly and effectively. Talk to us about contracting for regular maintenance and plumbing issues.

 Why Choose Advantage?

  • Experienced in all aspects of plumbing installation and troubleshooting
  • Advanced and scalable management systems
  • Great rates for referrals and returning clients
  • Wide range of partners and procurement options
  • Environmentally conscious and water conserving
  • 40 plus years in the business.